🌸 i have a pea head
      🌸 sunday funday
        🌸 take me back
          New photo, hi 🌸
            ❤️ a year today with this handsome scotsman, never been happier ☺️
              🌸 bonjour!
                🌸 me and Olaf are excited for the boxing tonight! 🌸
                  Soon be off to get myself transformed into Elsa by @izzyt89 ☺️
                    Here he is! Little squirrel is all finally finished - big thank you to @hanaaatattoo ❤ #tattoo #ribs #squirrel
                      Hi tumblr, have a photo of me fucking wasted at Rock City from last night because for once it isn’t embarrassing and I look quite nice
                        Hi 😊 (Taken with Instagram)
                          Hi 😊 new hair is super lovely (Taken with Instagram)
                            Hiiiii (Taken with Instagram)
                              I had fun at the pub with Nette! (Taken with Instagram)