URGENT! If you live in or nearby the Nottingham, England area could you please keep your eye out for Tom.  He was last visibly seen at 1am on the 22nd July by his housemate as he was going to bed.  Said housemate thought he heard him shower at around 10am on the 23rd July but can’t be sure.
He was meant to be meeting his girlfriend at 11am on the 24th July but never turned up despite buying a train ticket.  He still hasn’t come home.
If you have any information please inbox me (tumblr user goldrosepetals) or contact the police.
Even if you don’t live in Nottingham I’d be really thankful if you could signal boost this post!

Keep your peepers peeled and help find him

all these dogs are like “this is the craziest dog ive ever seen. this dog is wild. what the hell”

Well, that was unexpected.
              I’m self-sufficient. I spend a lot of time on my own and I shut off quite easily. When I communicate, I communicate 900 per cent, then I shut off, which scares people sometimes.

              — Björk on Self-Sufficiency (via violentwavesofemotion)

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"People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects, but the actual biology of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable."
- Our Bodies, Ourselves.


"While I agree with your point, Josephine, capitalism is an unjust ideal and it won’t work anymore"

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